Leadership Excellence - Coaching 2 - Empowerment, Delegation and Development

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Coaching 2 - Empowerment, Delegation and Development is the powerful tool and skill set that takes coaching beyond feedback and into team growth and enhanced personal leadership effectiveness.  The initial focus of this program is to overcome the common obstacles associated with delegation and transform simple task delegation into an empowerment process.  The transition to empowerment is important in succession planning, developing team members, and creating a truly high performance environment.   The program will also contrast the difference between empowered delegation and the dumping of unimportant and unwanted tasks.


The second foundation of this program is the developmental side of coaching.  This includes mentoring potential growth and replacement candidates, providing opportunities for leadership development and creating opportunities for learning and advancement.  There are also some great personal benefits associated with the development piece of Coaching 2 - Empowerment, Delegation and Development including greater satisfaction, better upward mobility, and enhanced organizational influence.


Coaching 2 - Empowerment, Delegation and Development is a very important set of competencies and practices for all leaders and organizations.




1.  Identify opportunities for delegation to improve personal leadership effectiveness.


2.  Learn to overcome the common objections and pitfalls of effective delegation.


3.  Transform routine delegation into empower delegation for organizational and personal impact.


4.  Reinvest time saved from empowered delegation to other important leadership behaviors.


5.  Provide opportunities for growth through mentoring and career development of team members.


6.  Improve organizational effectiveness and influence through development activities.


7.  Create personal action plans and strategies to implement the skills and competencies learned.


8.  Review case studies to produce actions that are consistent with the skills and competencies learned.   




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